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Building material for bathroom

Discussion in 'Dream Home' started by baldev, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. baldev New Member

    what kind of building material should be used in the bathroom so that it stays for longer period and looks good also.
  2. The Village New Member

    It is very important to choose the accurate material while constructing bathroom. Too much of moisture in the room can affect your health. Choose materials that can control moisture. Make sure that the wet areas in the bathroom get dry in a day else it will leads to biological growth.

    The Village
  3. rosita New Member

    High quality materials must be use so be careful in choosing your materials for you bathroom.
  4. craig.caudell New Member

    You can get some surprising opportunities for decorating your bathroom. You will need various types of Building Supply Materials Whether your renovating your bathroom yourself or you are working with a contractor. You may need specialized in Bathroom accessories like Soil-waste pipes, Taps, Hardware materials, timberboard, chipboard, wooden door etc.
  5. kynastonlaird Member

    It is very important to select the right material quality at the time of building a bathroom. Here I get such useful information about building material for bathroom. This information is really very useful for all those people who are planning to construct a bathroom.
  6. palace homes New Member

    Palace Interiors provides Luxury Suite to your Favorite Flats and Apartments . Visit: Palace Homes for more info
  7. norman pakes New Member

    High Quality materials is a great idea if you want to make your bathroom look good and strong.
  8. Erode New Member

    If you are looking for bathroom materials and accessories for your new home, visit www.buildingproducts.in offers wide range of building products from various manufacturers.
  9. Grace Harris New Member

    Quality and accurate material is one of the thing that you need to consider on choosing building products.In Finland there is some place at http://www.lindab.com/fi/ that leading on providing quality building product and it is really popular specially in part of Helsinki.In fact i use to buy some roof material and they are really cheap but really strong material that will surely make you impress.
  10. kimcresh New Member

    To design bathroom with different interior design than quality material are most effective part of that.It one of the part of home design.
  11. Ralph Hart New Member

    I think using tiles or granite is perfect for bathroom materials.
  12. ramkishor New Member

    The use Material Used in your Bathroom Is ISI mark And Without Moisture That is Better Option For you .
  13. palace homes New Member

    You can go for residential builders like palacehomes. Will give all the suggestion whatever you have in your hand.

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