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Current trend in reality

Discussion in 'Dream Home' started by sunil, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. sunil Member

    Indian real estate has gone through lot of pains in the last one year in every aspect. Real estate companies are dried up and they are lacking cash to complete their existing projects. Their stocks are badly beaten and rising interest rates are adversely affecting the Indian housing sale. In the Delhi and NCR region which was one of the booming real sector zone in India and there were many upcoming projects but now there is a break in new launches.

    This is primarily because there is slowdown in sales and buyers are shying away from the market. Interest rates have gone up severely in last one year or so and this is having serious impact on Indian houses.
  2. baldev New Member

    I think its time to wait and watch, prices may drop in next 3-6 months and even if they don't fall, there is no way they can increase in the current scenario, so it's worth waiting.
  3. rosita New Member

    Don't consider yourself as the contractor, the builder has his own subs and those subs are accustom to working with the builder.
  4. russel wayne New Member

    Well everybody is encountering that things and it was really bad.Anyway this year might be a good year for any real estate and i heard that in many place all their home sales are increase up to 10% of their old sales.
  5. Cyril Cole New Member

    I also heard a lot about having difficulties on it and it was really not good.The good thing year 2012 is been a nice year for all real estate in India and some part of the world.
  6. DarenJack New Member

    In current days, real estate industry is using the latest construction techniques and new materials for faster buildings development with excellent designs. Real estate industry offers so many variety types of modern design buildings to provide green and environment friendly living as well as worth money investment.

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