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Edelweiss Tokio Life - Cashflow Protection Insurance Policy

Discussion in 'Life insurance' started by real_buzz, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. real_buzz Moderator

    Edelweiss Tokio Life - Cashflow Protection Insurance Policy

    Avail protection for whole life
    Get guaranteed income upto 100 years of age
    Guaranteed maturity benefit enables you to plan the maturity amount
    Sharing of profits enables you to earn higher returns through additional cash bonus
    Limited payment periods allow you to pay from your present income for your future needs
    Get discounts for higher Sum Assured
    Loans available against the policy to meet unforeseen needs

    This is a non-linked, participating endowment assurance money back plan
    a) Entry Age of Life Insured (last birthday) -- 5 to 65 years
    b) Minimum Maturity Age (last birthday) -- 85 years
    c) Maximum Maturity Age (last birthday)-- 100 years
    d) Minimum Policy Term 85 years less age at entry of the life insured
    e) Maximum Policy Term 95 years
    f) Premium Paying Term 10/15 /20
    g) Premium Payment Frequency Annual#, Semi-annual, Quarterly and Monthly
    h) Minimum Sum Assured Rs. 75,000 (multiple of 1,000)
    i) Maximum Sum Assured No Limit, subject to underwriting
    j) Minimum Premium Rs. 5,702
    k) Maximum Premium No limit
    # 3% Premium Discount on Annual Mode
    *Discount available for large Sum Assured, discount rates is given as per the table below:
    Premium Paying Term (PPT) in Years
    Sum Assured 10 Year Term Pay 15 Year Term Pay 20 Year Term Pay
    75,000 - 1, 99,000 Rs. 150 Rs. 125 Rs. 100
    Per Rs. 25,000 Sum assured exceeding Rs. 75,000
    2, 00,000 & above Rs. 300 Rs. 250 Rs. 200
    Per Rs. 50,000 Sum assured exceeding Rs. 2, 00,000

    Under this plan apart from the sum assured three different benefits are payable and are described below:
    a. Guaranteed Accrual Benefit – is equal to 5% of sum assured per annum and payable on maturity or death earlier.
    The accrual happens every year for limited period starting from 5th policy anniversary and continues till one year before the Money Back payout begins.
    b. Money Back – is equal to 5% of sum assured, payable annually and the payout starts at different points of time (as per table below) depending on premium paying term and continues to be paid till maturity.
    c. Cash Bonus# - is discretionary and depends on the performance of the par fund. This starts along with the Money Back payout and continues to be paid till maturity.

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