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Environment Friendly Apartments in Stratford

Discussion in 'Global Real Estate' started by aalisa ray, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. aalisa ray New Member

    Park Place Suites is a quiet and well-maintained five-storey building offering more than 120 bachelor, one, two, and three bedroom apartments for rent in Stratford. The suites were recently renovated with upgraded kitchen appliances, and upgraded bathrooms and common areas.

    A green initiative has been implemented at this site to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Suites feature energy star appliances, water saving toilets and taps, and energy efficient lighting. Enjoy the ease of convenience while benefiting from the many features offered in this unique and comfortable low-rise.

    Situated in a beautifully landscaped, park-like setting, these CLV Stratford apartment rentals suit residents of all ages and lifestyles. In a convenient location, Park Place Suites are nearby to numerous neighborhood amenities, including shopping, restaurants, museums, religious institutions, public parks, and country clubs.

    Building features include:

    • Hobby room
    • Laundry facilities
    • Secure entrance ways
    • Spacious balconies
    • Elevator
    • Outdoor parking
    • 24-hour emergency service
    • Fitness facilities

    Source: http://www.clvgroup.com/apartments/Stratford/rentals.cfm/25-Kappele-Circle/928
  2. Conveniently tucked away near Highway 100 and East Post Road in Marion, Iowa, the Stratford Highland Apartments offer the perfection location to call home. Whether you want an easy trip to work, shopping, or to a variety of recreational areas The Stratford Highland Apartments are your perfect match.
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