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Gurgaon Real Estate Reviews

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by Aastha Singh, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Aastha Singh New Member

    Recently moved to India and now i am planning to buy a house here, Can you suggest a reliable property consultant in India ?
  2. Ram Kumar Patil New Member

    Hello Aastha,
    About to buy property in India, My opinion goes to www.360realtors.in because this company full fills the all query related property, after it will hand over home owner properly. Although Its responsibility has not finished here until the possession date.
  3. Harbansh Rai New Member

    When my family shifted to Noida 2 years back, we were on the hunt for a home which would meet our requirements from a nuclear family point of view. Since it was a first home buying experience for us, we were completely at the sea with several questions like what to look for, where to start from, what documents are required, how to get funding from the bank and thousands of other little things. It was then that one of my close friends referred us to 360 realtors, which actually proved to be a blessing for us. 360 realtors are an organization operating since 2012 and have a rich experience of real estate counseling that can make your dream house turn into a reality.
  4. Things to check before buying a property or Residential home:
    1.Are there any water stains or corrosion to the walls backing onto the showers or baths?
    2.Check the ceilings are not sagging
    3.Check inside the cabinets in all the wet areas
    4. Check the walls for large cracks
    5.Check the internal wall plastering for fine cracks
    6.Are there drain holes on the external perimeter walls of the home?
  5. Ritu Mehta Member

    The property prices in the national capital region continue to rebel against real estate investors. The prime factors that have contributed to such a rapid growth are rapid rise in economic activity is the rising personal income and the resulting migration. Continuous price appreciation in the real estate arena has now become an acknowledged fact in Indian market. We often get deviated with the various recommendations and communications that are thrown at us. Most of these are biased and without any proper base and analysis.
    quikr.com/homes conducted a survey and researched into this as an endeavor to inform real estate investors regarding safe investment options and tracked the residential price movement over the past one year and come up with a list of top 10 localities with maximum property price appreciation during the said period. Below is the list of locations in ascending order in terms of price appreciation and demand for a property:
    1. Sector 86, Gurgaon
    2. Sector 128, Noida
    3. Sector 82A, Gurgaon
    4. NH 24 Highway, Ghaziabad
    5. Sector 131, Noida
    6. Sector 65, Gurgaon
    7. Vasundhara, Ghaziabad
    8. Sector 117, Noida
    9. Sector 120, Noida
    10. Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad
    With ever-changing scenarios, a smartly chosen location and superlatively designed.
    Thank you.
  6. SD Groupkol Member

    Thanks for Sharing this great info.

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