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How can I become a real estate agent ?

Discussion in 'Real Estate Brokers' started by priteshsurve, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. priteshsurve Member

    1. What do I need to do to become a real estate agent?
    2. What classes do I need to take?
    3. Where can I study to become a real estate agent?
    4. What are the requirements?
    5. Any other information I need to know about becoming a real estate agent?

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  2. real_buzz Moderator

    you need to get license to become a authentic real estate agent. Licensing requirements vary from state to state so you need to check in your state. Depending upon your locality you need to check if there are colleges in your city for that or you can do some online course. Apart from this, there are no defined requirements to become a real estate agent. you will have to contact builders and real estate sellers in your city. it's a commission based job so you will be paid for each sale. You need to increase your social network, advertise yourself and be honest to your client. if you provide good services to your client, you will be definitely successful in the long term.
  3. tcool Member

    really good piece of information.
  4. bojemrythem Member

    Goal is most important for real estate agents for success in sell and buy property. Real estate agent is one type of sales person who work for real estate brokers. There are many ways to become successful real estate agent like establish sales goal, Embrace a planning attitude, Have good communication skill and so on.
  5. copplemanfarr New Member

    If you want to become real estate agent than you can get proper education in this field. The real estate broker agency are working with brokers and start experience to join this type of agencies. Training are more important to become perfect real estate agent.

  6. kerlin7815 New Member

    I am a good real estate investor and i always take a real estate agent for buy and sell real estate property. The real estate agent could quick sell and buy our real estate property form himself and save some hidden and unexpected money.
  7. Amit Sharma New Member

    First thing you must have the capability of the understand the real estate market. Build relationship, builders and reputed real estate agencies. You should get some experience by working with any real estate agent. Learn how they find client and how's they deal with them. After that you can start this business independently.

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  8. Cyril Cole New Member

    Getting license it is one of the first thing that you need to do.In Finland i seen many kiinteistönvälittäjän koulutus or real estate agent training that get first license then look for some book about it and the own skill on how you can make a people believe that you are giving the best home for them.
  9. Kunal Kapoor Member

    I agree with real_buzz....
  10. VermaRohit New Member

    If You want enter into a real estate career - You'll need some essential things to Get Started. To Start a Real Estate Agents business is relatively inexpensive , compared to other businesses. Here’s what you’ll need to start:
    Real Estate License:
    MLS Access (Multiple Listing Service)
    Board of Realtor Dues: If you choose to join the Board of Realtors, you’ll pay annual dues. Though it’s not mandatory that you join, most real estate professionals do.
    Computer:a laptop that you can take with you to the office and to client meetings.
    Smart Phone: You’ll be on the phone a lot as a real estate agent, taking calls from clients, getting updates from appraisers:
    Signage: You’ll need signs to advertise Design your own signs using your broker’s logo.
    Business Cards:

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