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How can I sell my property in Delhi at the best possible price?

Discussion in 'Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad Real Estate' started by Siddhanth Promoters, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Siddhanth Promoters New Member

  2. Ritu Mehta Member

    tips to get the best price when you sell your home.

    1 Be realistic about the price of your property

    Buyers must be realistic about what their properties were worth.

    "Nationally, properties could fall by around five per cent this year," she said, adding that the drop might be smaller for London.

    Sellers needed to bear in mind that they would most likely be buying at a lower price too. She said: "If your buyer wants to knock £10,000 off the asking price, ask for a reduction further up the chain."

    2 Set the right asking price

    Too high and you will simply deter would-be buyers, too low and you won't get as much as you could have done. Compare quotes from estate agents and keep an eye on comparable properties and what price they have fetched.

    Obtain three or four valuations from estate agents and avoid being sucked in by the highest valuation.

    3 Avoid getting caught in long chains

    Age-old advice that sellers should avoid long property chains. She said that of sales through estate agents this month, more than one-in-three transactions had fallen through – an increase from one in 10 last year.

    "The smaller the chain the better," she said, adding that a shorter chain would minimize the risk of getting involved with a buyer who might battle to get mortgage finance under current market conditions.

    4 Break the chain and rent if you can

    In order to increase flexibility and break the chain, sellers could consider a short-term rental, to coincide with their sale: "It puts you back as a first-time buyer and breaks the chain."

    5 Choose the right estate agent

    Try to ensure you get the lowest agent fee and shortest lock-in period possible. Most agents will charge a percentage of the sale price but avoid those who try to add a lengthy lock-in clause which would prevent you from marketing the property with another agent if the first one fails to find a buyer.

    Stick to busy agents who are members of the National Association of Estate Agents. Once you've picked the best three or four, get quotes from them for the agent fee and lock-in period: "A fee of one per cent of the property's value and a lock-in period of one week after written notice is received is what you need. If they refuse, tell them you'll take your business to their rival."

    Ask your agent to explain their valuation – they should be able to offer comparable data to justify their valuation. Check sold prices information and current asking prices to get some sense of the market.

    6 Showcase your place, give it kerb appeal

    Its really is important to make a good initial impression. "The first thing prospective buyers see is the outside of the house. A tidy garden and clutter-free drive can make a big difference," it said.

    You would not try to sell a dirty car with a kid's packed lunch in the back – for exactly the same reasons, you need to showcase your home."

    7 Don't just sit there! Be proactive

    Carry out your own research on the value of your home and its selling points. "Get information about local schools [and transport links] and have all that information to hand," she said.

    Sellers should keep in touch with their agent and get feedback. "If the agent does not call, call them. You need to know why potential buyers have decided not to make an offer as there may be something you can adjust to make your home more sellable," she said.

    Sellers could consider an open day: "This is a good way of getting lots of people to view your home at the same time and can make it look as though there is lots of interest in the property, which may focus the minds of buyers and persuade them to make an offer."

    Only stop marketing it once the mortgage valuation/survey has been done. Ms Bien reminds sellers that the buyer is not committed to the purchase until exchange of contracts "so you should see some evidence from them that they are serious about buying your home. If they pay for the valuation/survey, then they have a financial interest in seeing the purchase proceed. Don't take the property off the market until this time".

    8 Make sure exchange of contracts happens as soon as possible

    Exchange of contracts is the point of no return, so it is in the seller's interests to get to this point as soon as you can.

    "Return any information requested to your solicitor as soon as you can and check in daily by phone or email to see how things are progressing. Keeping in touch with the estate agent and buyer to ensure things are proceeding," Ms Bien said.

    9 When less is definitely more

    Get rid of clutter – the more open you can make a space feel the bigger it will appear. Chuck out those piles of clothes and other bulky possessions that have been lying around. Better still, sell them online. Some people even remove cupboards and doors to create a bigger sensation of space.

    10 Avoid turning off potential buyers

    Nationwide Building Society found that 55 per cent of potential buyers said they would find an untidy house a major turn-off; almost 70 per cent of buyers were likely to be deterred by a rude seller or estate agent; and 75 per cent of people would be put off by household smells.

    Poor building work or DIY was a big turn-off according to around 90 per cent of potential homebuyers and more than 80 per cent would think twice about putting an offer in on a house with a garden that lacked privacy.

    It also said that 54 per cent believed that the kitchen was the most important room.
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