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Interior Decoration for house

Discussion in 'Dream Home' started by ramdev, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. ramdev Member

    Can someone provide good tips or point for interior design. Any specific factor which i should consider while asking someone else to do that.
  2. baldev New Member

    make sure that there is proper ventilation in your house.
  3. raj_ddlj New Member

    You should not try to put too many things in your living room. People often fill their living room with stuff which is not good.
  4. The Village New Member

    Interior decorations fulfill the beauty and perfection of your home. The taste of design may vary from person to person. Don’t crowd the house with decorations; always simple articles that will give the pleasant mood are preferred .There are some good sites that can give us inspiring and innovative interior decorations ideas for our home. It’s best to get guidance from a professional decorator; however you might have to spend some extra money.

    The Village
  5. Jcyber New Member

    make sure that there is proper ventilation in your house.
  6. rosita New Member

    Try Shabby Chic. Assemble mismatched furniture that complements each other to create a shabby chic home interior. Light colored walls blend with carpeted, tiled or hardwood floors to create a neutral palate for overstuffed seating covered in solid white, pastel or tiny floral fabrics. Shabby chic decorations also include distressed white or whitewashed tables and furniture for your living room, dining room or bedroom decor. Add romantic touches like a white wrought iron chandelier with crystals and beads, tiered candle holders and an ornate, but distressed, white mirror made of metal to complete the decorations.
  7. gravescruz New Member

    Interior decorations meet the elegance and efficiency of your home. The flavor of design may differ from individual to individual. Never audience the house with decorations; always simple content that will give the enjoyable feelings are recommended.
  8. linchdaniel New Member

    Inner design is the art of improving a place according to the person flavor of the main personal. An internal designer will consider the suggested concept and design on the person using the place and try to make a personal creating while keeping focused on the benefits of maintenance and the functionalism.
  9. frishfen New Member

    Every one have dream to make their home beautiful or relaxing with furniture. so they can decorate their room with good brand product and various stuff. If you want to decorate your home with nice interior so you should take proper advice from good interior designer. They give proper advice on you r problem and they suggest nice ideas.
  10. Tilak New Member

    Solid share! Thanks for the great post !
  11. kynastonlaird Member

    Thanks to all for sharing this such nice details about interior decoration for house. Now-a-days people like to hire interior decoration person for make beautiful and attractive house. It make our home beautiful to use with latest design and technology.
  12. CedrikStone New Member

    I think for me a classic concept is a good design for interior design for your home.
  13. craig.caudell New Member

    Home interior Designing is one of the most important aspect of your home decoration. If you are buying a new home or renovating a old one you can make your home unique & attractive through good interior decoration. Including modern and contemporary you can convert you home in a pleasant living place.
  14. linchdaniel New Member

    Hi jamiyhaley,

    I am very happy to get your appreciation over here. And it is good idea to hire an internal designer for decorating your house because they will help you to beautify your house in a proper manner.
  15. norman pakes New Member

    For me ask your self first what is a good concept for your home.When i was suunnittelupalvelut or planning my concept for construction of my home i use to consult first my idea and ask my self if black and white color concept for my interior design is good then when i try it,it result to a simple but look amazing home improvement.
  16. andymarker New Member

    Home is an important part of our life, our personality and our dream and it also reflects our personality and thinking. It is very necessary to pay very high attention to make our home more and more beautiful. And this is where the role of interior designers and decorators starts.

    A good interior designer and decorator knows very well how to utilize the overall space available, goods, furniture, article very well. Apart from this advise us to purchase most suitable ones to make our home useful, modern, attractive and standard.

    You can find home designers and decorators in all parts of Indian but in metro cities are in plenty. Hiring a designer or decorator is not a deal of loss or any costly affair but it is totally worth paying designers their fees as you would get so many unexpected advantages, ideas, service in return which you cant imagine right now.

    If you are looking for good interior designers in delhi or interior decorators in delhi than you can then you can find many of them as there are many highly skilled, creative and innovative interior designers and decorators in delhi who can make your house excellent with their knowledge, skill, creativity and innovative thinking.
  17. Mark Pratt New Member

    I love black and white color for an interior design in home with black and white door furniture table and other sides of the house.
  18. kimcresh New Member

    Interior design is one of the best part of the home decoration. Creative Art and designs are really interesting for the home design. Colourful design furniture is best example for the decoration.
  19. Cira C. Jones New Member

    For me imagination think what is the best for your home.
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  20. rocky1920 New Member

    People always have look at how their home will see nice. Here I am sharing some tips that can help to make home interior nice.

    1) Use light color transparent curtain (light yellow, light blue, white)
    2) Dark shade color to one wall and apply exactly contrast to front wall
    3) Use PVC flooring
    4) Full tiles in kitchen (Tiles having Fruits, Vegetable pics)
    5) Lighting : the most important factors make your home look nice. use LED lights for your Ceiling which gives your bright light and also help to save energy.
  21. Surabhi Malhotra New Member


    Interior design is not easy thing. I suggest to ask any interior designer and take their opinion.

  22. Ralph Hart New Member

    Try to look some magazine where they are featuring some home design interior and exterior ,in fact i get some idea in some magazine for my door or ovet for my interior door plan and for sure it will be helpful to everyone if they look on magazine too.
  23. Sunita Kedhar New Member

    Whether you have just moved into your property in Thane or are looking for a quick tip to decorate your residential projects in Thane. Well, hiring an interior designer will cost you a lot, in this blog I have mentioned some tips and tricks which you can use and change the look and feel of your house that too with minimal effort and cost.
    You can go through my blog for more details -
    Home Decoration Tips & Tricks

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