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Is Real Estate Still A Good Investment?

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by rahuldeshmukh, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. rahuldeshmukh Member

    Time Magazine's cover story," The Case Against Homeownership"takes an over-arching look at the state of home ownership in the context of a relatively battered asset class globally. The article raises the larger question of whether all the government subsidies promoting home ownership has been a good use of public funds and whether owning your home is the right finance decision for all households.
    No other financial topic tends to evoke a purely emotional response as real estate. It has become, over the last 10 years, the financial topic du jour in the backyards and dinner tables of the middle class. With real estate appreciation either slowing or continuing to decline, many continue to ask whether real estate is a good investment.
    The problem with this question is two-fold (at the very least). Real estate, as the adage goes, is all about location. To read a headline in a national publication about the real estate market tends to obscure local effects and it becomes folly to use national data to make decisions which are local in nature. For example, the existence of a local school or employer can, and often does, insulate that immediate community from some of the negative effects of a national economic slowdown. Similarly, locations which structurally have high tenant-to-owner ratios (such as New York City or neighborhoods close to large educational institutions) tend to maintain their relative value.
    Thus, the answer to whether real estate is a good investment is not found in the front pages of your paper but by simply looking around you. Is your local school ranked highly, are "average" homes in your community being sold quickly, is the government investing in your community (where the stimulus money is going, other than the absolutely necessary repairs, is a good barometer of whether the bureaucrats think your community is expanding and where the politicians need to build or maintain political capital)?
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  2. mableswift New Member

    Yes real estate is a very good investment as your fund always multiplies in real estate. I invested in real estate a year back and today the value of property is almost double and hence real estate investment is always profitable from investment point of view.

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  3. The Village New Member

    Yes, investing in real estate is indeed a top most investment that provides high returns in this fast growing economy. However, before you invest on real estate, think, is that really worth an investment? Gather the complete details of the owner. If you find positive answers to all your unsolved questions then take necessary steps to invest, it will undoubtedly give you a profitable future in upcoming years.

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  4. marcssteve Member

    You may select to live in the exact property asset that you have purchased but it will perhaps be with the goal of having it marketed after a certain time frame to boost your capital. While some individuals tend to reside in their property, there are some who select to lease the house or property to tenants or renovate the real estate until it is ready to be sold.
  5. RobertGilbert New Member

    Absolutely yes, real estate is still as a good investment in this days. Nowadays, real estate is the fastest growing sector for business that has gives lots of opportunities for earning money from there in very short time duration.
  6. Mark Pratt New Member

    Yes it is still for me a good investment in fact in some part of the world that having problem financially real estate make a big role to solve financial issue.In Finland now a days real estate and some parvekekaihtimet Jyväskylä are been very successful and i hope that this 2013 will be continue on growing and growing.
  7. candyflower Member

    Yes definitely, real estate is good source or investment. Many people invested in real estate for profit. Real estate gives chance for earning money. Real estate is growing very fastly. Many people take interest for invest in real estate property. Thank you sharing such nice information.
  8. aalisa ray New Member

    We all know that the real estate sector is the safest sector to investment and also provide good returns. It is idol for the peoples those have money to investment and don't have time to spend in the research and analysis like other sectors required for investment.

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  9. ramkishor New Member

    yes i think investment in real estate faster growth for the money then the bank
  10. abhi26july Member

    seeing current scenario Real estate may be the best option to invest at and this is the only sector where you can connect very easily as there is no need of high qualification and skill
  11. paul59539 New Member

    Yes Real estate is a good investment option. However, you need to be sure that you are totally ready to start investing in real estate.
  12. Edward D. Love New Member

    I think yes cause these year many real estate company experience a good home sales.
  13. Hello,

    Yes, absolutely real estate is a good investment in current days.

  14. Flavia Sample New Member

    As i notice my answer is yes but still investing in a right time is always a good move cause sometimes even thought today is a good day for real estate investment it is not mean that you not going to take risk and other problem in real estate investment.
  15. HarleyLuise New Member

    Real estate investment is a big opportunity to gain profits and people prefer to invest money in real estate property more rather than others.
  16. Mohit Gaur Member

    I also think same real estate is a best place for investment purpose because this sector is growing day by day.
  17. Matthew Gayle New Member

    Yes, Real estate has turned into a lucrative investment opportunity. You can buy property and holding it for a period while the value of properties appreciates in worth. Rental properties are another option to earn money for long-term property investment.

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  18. Yes obviously Real Estate is Best for investment and get more profit on lands,villas,plots,residential homes and real estate agents business.
  19. Pooja Rajwade Member

    I do believe real estate is a good investment as you get double returns of what you have invest earlier.
  20. SD Groupkol Member

    Great post keep it up.

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