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One question- Buy flat or construct own house

Discussion in 'Dream Home' started by deemed, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. deemed New Member

    I would like what is a better option. Buying a flat in good society or buying land plot and construct a house on that. Buying a flat is easier options, but one is never sure in current market conditions that you are going to get, if yes, then how long it may take? where as one can get that while constructing a house. And also one can construct house the way you want it. But as buying land may be a bit expensive but also from the security point of view. So which one is a better options if prices are in almost same range.
  2. tcool Member

    Well, it depends upon what you want, where you want and how much you want to spend on it. Constructing a house is more expensive than buying a apartment. So, depending upon your needs, you can opt.
  3. ramdev Member

    constructing a house is better than buying a flat
  4. baldev New Member

    constructing house is always better than getting these apartments where you are not sure about the quality and durability of the flat.
  5. 11beegha New Member

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  6. rosita New Member

    Many people fall in love with old houses because many old houses have a character and beauty not found in new homes. This may be a product of the aging process or history, or of building details and amenities no longer in common use, such as stone walls or slate roofs. If this sort of character is important to you, you will probably be happier renovating than building new. The cost of creating a brand-new home using such materials and techniques would be prohibitive for most people.
  7. gravescruz New Member

    According to my opinion constructing house is better than purchasing home. The major advantage in constructing house is that you get a accomplished house that preferably fits your needs, both with regards to operate and quality. You can get freedom to decide the future of home.
  8. gravescruz New Member

    There are lots of advantages of constructing home. When building a customized house, on the other hand, you can choose the earth structure and room styles. In addition, you have the independence of lot selection, house style, cupboard and flooring surfaces options, entrance and screen options, exterior content and color, illumination, etc. Almost every function and product of the property design is for you to decide upon.
  9. ttssrilanka New Member

    Buying flat is an better option than construct house . Buy land and give time because you have to careful in that business.
    So I prefer you to buy an apartment.

    Thank you
  10. Grace Harris New Member

    I agree buying a flat is better but for me it is better if you buy a house base on your design and one thing to do is to find an architect.Construction always taking a lot of time and months and for me waiting is always make me feel excited.Construction always reminds me of vesivahinko or water damage in Finland country when i seen that some of house affected by water damage use to renovate their home and construct to a new one.
  11. Mark Pratt New Member

    I think buying a land and construct a house in that way you can see how good is the material you use because sometime buying a home that already build are sometimes not strong.In Finland country many people use to construct their new home and buy some teollisuushalli industrial building and some building material that they know have a quality one for a stronger home.
  12. DarenJack New Member

    According to me, buying a plot and construct house on it that's much better option than buying a flat. You can construct your home with own ideas that suits to your living requirements, if you buy a plot and construct house at there.

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