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Property is the Best Option for Investment

Discussion in 'Real estate Investment' started by priteshsurve, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. priteshsurve Member

    Real Estate experts believe that property prices will still be on the rise, so if you thinking to be invest in real estate that won’t be a bad idea. But experts recommends to invest only in under construction properties, as the prices of under construction properties are lesser than the ready ones and will increase on possession, hence better profit on possession.

    One can buy at a cheaper rate, enjoy appreciation and then sell it at a higher rate when the building is ready for possession.

    By investing in a property at an early stage, you also get an option of choosing the floor, sight facing, and various other amenities.
    Nevertheless, one must look at the real estate sector as a long-term investment.

    Vanwari avers, "A person who holds his property for 15-20 years gets more returns than an investor who buys and sells property after every six months. By doing this frequent trading in property, a short term investor may be happier but at the end of 15-20 years, the investor with a long term view will benefit more."

    Since every time you buy or sell your property, you may have to pay various taxes like property tax or capital gains tax, the returns may look lucrative but it may not necessarily be.

    Property consultant says, "Investing in land is better than investing in apartments, because yields on apartments have dropped from 5.5 per cent to 4 per cent."

    All underdeveloped areas and new townships like Faridabad, Mohali or Noida will give a good capital appreciation in the coming years. But you must also look for connectivity - the place should be well connected to the main city. In this case, quite a many under developed areas are being connected to the urban areas with the help of newly built highways, flyovers etc. You can check latest property as per your budget and requirement in your region Go to the http://www.findghar.com first totally free real estate website of India and sell out or rent out your property today.

    Basically, all prospective buyers should look at peripheral location where infrastructural developments are happening that can be classified as growth corridors of the city.
  2. bojemrythem Member

    Now-a-days real estate property is major and famous for investment. As well as people more prefer to invest in real estate property rather than others field. Property value increase day by day so we can earn more money and make bright future.
  3. kynastonlaird Member

    Most of the people prefers to do property investment these days as it is very beneficial in terms of higher returns, tax flexibility etc. Everyone should invest in property sector for earning huge income. It is considered to be the most useful investment and also secures your future in a better way.
  4. alien009 New Member

    Yes i truly agree that property is the best option for investment.Such a useful post on getting awareness that property is the best way of investment.
  5. marcssteve Member

    As per my view, property investment is one of the best investments all over the world as it generates more income and profit. It also provides a better tax benefit. It is more easier and beneficial to invest in real estate than any other kind of investments.
  6. craig.caudell New Member

    These are some important tips that you have shared. One important fact in the real estate buying and selling is that we are investing a good amount of our money into it. So we should be very careful and take necessary precautions to avoid any mishap.
  7. luciferstek New Member

    Property investing is a very challenging job in the feeling that sometime only professional can be effective in this area. There are various benefits of purchasing an property such as its value increases in the future, relatively a safe way of investment as evaluate to the risk deserving investment like shares.
  8. schell New Member

    In my opinion real estate is a best place for investment. It is very famous sector for investment all over the world. It is very profitable business and this sector growing very fast...
  9. malvikasaxena122 New Member

    Yeahh, Property is really a good and profitable investment in Long run if are investing at right time and at right place with proper consult.You can consult to good Property Broker in the City for the Safe investment..I don't know much but you can submit your property here if you wants to buy , sell and Rent Property - Property Broker in bhopal
  10. Thomos Herry New Member

    Real Estate offers several opportunities and this a great investment option. It can generate an ongoing income source.

    Best Real Estate Website http://www.jclarkhomes.com/
  11. candyflower Member

    Real estate is good source for investment. Many people invested in real estate for profit. Real estate gives chance for earning money. In this post given all information is very informative and useful. Thank you sharing such nice information.
  12. Cindy King New Member

    That is a good tips.Now a days many investors are planning to invest in real estate which we seen that this years is been doing well.In Finland country home sales or asunnon myynti is been increase which caught the attention of many investors and because of this i think twice and need to be more patient to my investing stuff.
  13. prakashkumar New Member

    Real estate is good source for investment. Many people invested in real estate for profit. Real estate gives chance for earning money. In this post given all information is very informative and useful. Best city for Real Estates is Greater noida and Delhi NCR .
  14. Yes real Estate in a very good Investment Option, better then even gold. You will see the price of gold rising and falling but the rates of property never fall , they only rise with time.
  15. Before you think about looking around properties, write down the cost of houses you are looking at and the rent you are likely to get. Traditionally buy-to-let lenders wanted rent to cover 125% of the mortgage repayments, although many had relaxed this in the tail-end of the boom years. Most also looked for a 15% deposit, which protects against falling prices. - See more at: http://www.morton-fraser.com/knowle...operties-good-investment#sthash.4N7AbNLJ.dpuf

  16. Mohit Gaur Member

    I think this time property is the best option for investment according to the market trend this sector is growing very rapidly before investment take about all information of that property and property builders than go for investment. Mahagun is one of the trusted builders in Delhi NCR .

  17. Janzeer New Member

    Yeah, really I agree. This post is very useful.Real estate is the best profitable investment .Now a days many people invested in real estate for profit.
  18. Matthew Gayle New Member

    Yes, Real estate is the best option for investment. It is the best way to generate capital gains and income. But most important is that selecting the right location and studying about the latest real estate market.
  19. goldmine New Member

    Costs, as well, have been ascending at a moderate pace. Truth be told, in numerous urban communities, they have fallen. While manufacturers battle to offer, high property and financing costs combined with monetary instability is making individuals hold up and watch. In any case, the industry estimation has enhanced and property financiers are reporting an ascent in the quantity of enquiries.

    The current year's Union Budget, as well, has found a way to resuscitate the business. Despite the fact that the 10,000 foot view searches dull for the time being, there is a great deal of activity on the ground as new territories create and give adequate degree to individuals to pick up from conceivable value appreciation.

    In this way, to help you focus in on the best places to purchase a house, we examine information for key land markets and converse with top specialists so you don't turn out badly with one of the greatest speculation choices of your life. As an extra, we get more particular and recommend alternatives that will best suit your financial plan. Noida/Greatere Noida and Ghazibad are the best place for investment. Goldmine Developer provide you best project in this places at affordable rate. You can see on goldminedevelopers.net/residential/apartment/1
  20. vipulshah1 New Member

    Yeah, 100% I agree that real estate is the best option for investment money. According to me, there is no way to stand capital in short time. But it's a matter, how do you select your property to invest and where?. Nowadays The Property in Pune is the best location.
  21. Mehek Saxena Member

    Yeah, In a recent scenario real estate investment is definitely a beneficial investment sector. Property rates will increase day by day. Indian real estate give high ROI with time. So, it is better to invest in Residential orCommercial property depending on requirement. Now a day, Gurgaon is a popular destination to invest in Residential locations. Development of metro corridor and infrastructure will attract more investors towards the Gurgaon city. Get to know more about ongoing residential projects in gurgaon to invest in Property.

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