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Real Estate India- Is Worst Over?

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by real_buzz, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. real_buzz Moderator

    Real estate India has been going through some tough times in last few years. As economical growth slowed down, real estate sector took the beating like many other sectors.

    Buying a home is less financial and more emotional for most of the Indian buyers.

    But it could be a weakness as not only the builder and brokers take advantage of it, but also the real estate flippers.

    But in the recent times, brokers, builders and flippers all have taken the beating. Thanks to black money in the sector, prices are not as down as they should. Real estate markets like delhi/NCR are flooded with real estate projects. Even other markets like chennai, mumbai, bangalore etc are witnessing slow down.

    There are more flats than buyers in the market.

    But is worst over?

    It doesn't look so.if you are planning to buy property, should you wait or buy?
    Builders and brokers create a hype such that when you interact with them, they sound like the flat which you are discussing with them, is the last flat available on planet earth. But if you have bought some flat from them and you approach them to sell same one, they will sound like there is absolutely lack of any buyer in the market.

    So same flat become privilege when you buy it and same becomes a bad deal, when you sell it.
    Reality is that, due to excess of units available in market, market prices in most of the real estate circles have gone down. Builders can still manage with the kind of funds available to them but it is a bad market for individual investors.

    On the contrary, share market has been going up on daily basis. There are stocks which have gone up multiple times in the last few months and trend is expected to stay same for next few years.

    I think its time to invest in share market. Stocks are easy to buy/sell and maintain whereas a real estate unit need considerable amount of efforts in maintaining it along with the money.

    Having said that, if you are buy a house for personal usage, then there is nothing like bad timing.
    You can buy it anytime but for investment purpose, I think one should wait for some time before putting money in real estate India.

    What do you think?
  2. Jamie Madson New Member

    I completely agree with your statement, their are more flats in market as compared to the buyers. The real estate market is increasing day by day with an increase in the prices, which is not affordable for the middle class family.

    According to the speculations made, there will be increase in the rates of the real estate property in the upcoming years too. The behavior of the buyer/seller and brokers is really very disappointing.

    Today's real market is not for investment purpose. If someone is looking to buy a flat or property for the personal use they don't have an option to wait, but if people are looking to buy property from the investment point of view. This is not the right time.
  3. Matthew Gayle New Member

    Actually, real estate offers very profitable investment opportunities on the market. According to report, prices of residential property show upward trend in mid of 2014. Expecting that the demand for properties and price will increase in 2015.

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