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real estate sector in india

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by akhilendra1, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. akhilendra1 New Member

    Indian Real estate sector is still largely unorganized. There is a desperate need for a regulator who can check these malpractices in the sector. There are still lots of buyers in the market[IMG], it is just that market should be regulated and sellers should follow the ethics.
  2. real_buzz Moderator

    The one of the biggest issue with indian real sector is the biggest advantage of the sector. And that is presence of large number of buyers. Real estate companies exploit that. Forum like this can be use to spread awareness of real estate sector. They are exploiting customers and not giving them their dues.
  3. roop_kumar Member

    well said, but the way real estate sector currently operates in India. I don't expect it to change in near future. But as competition will grow, these companies would be forced to provide proper customer service.
  4. sunil Member

    This is correct, real estate companies work in a very unorganized and unprofessional manner. They promise a lot and deliver very less. Even bigger companies are no different than smaller companies. they spend more advertising than customer service.
  5. Dennis Young New Member

    I think both so that they can organized it well.In Helsinki now a days real estate is well organize and the market is really successful specially those real estate that sell more about omakotitalo or town house,i heard that this half of the year their sales for it is increase and that was for me a really good news.
  6. candyflower Member

    Thank you providing such nice information about real estate.
  7. Rahul Kapoor New Member

    There are still quite a good number of real estate companies which are still reliable and can be trusted if one wants to invest in real estate properties.
  8. deepikanair12 New Member

    Sunworld group introduced their biggest launch Sunworld Vandita at Yamuna expressway.This project is offering beautiful luxury apartment of 1/2 bhk.Call on 8510900986
  9. abhi26july Member

    I think real estate sector is growing day by day in India but it is still unrecognized in small city of India but it is looking forward towards small city and town as well
  10. Gaur Group New Member

    Gaur Atulyam Flats franchise spread over a sprawling 16 acres of extensive green, this residential venture offers 2/3 BHK and 4BHK apartments.for more detail
  11. Mohit Gaur Member

    real estate sectors in India is very growing industry ...If we want to invest our money than this is a best sector because here your money value is ever increase.
    Mahagun Mantra is best option for investment in real estate residential property.
  12. Jamie Madson New Member

    Even though there are large number of companies, which doesn't fulfill their promises they have made, but still there are various good number of real estate companies like The Wadhwa Group, which meets the requirements of the buyers.
  13. SD Groupkol Member

    Nice Info.
  14. liyans Member

    Thanks for sharing.
    Buy flats in kolkata at an affordable price.

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