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Reliance Securities Review

Discussion in 'Brokerage firms & Trading Platforms' started by ramdev, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. ramdev Member

    I have a account with reliance securities which I have never used, reason is quite simple that I have very negative reviews about reliance money.
    In fact, if I had come across those reviews before opening account, I am sure I have not even opened that account at first place.
    Now as I have account, they look fine upfront. Their charges are fine like Rs50/ option lot and features like investment in mutual fund.
    I was thinking to give them a try.
    Therefore I am seeking reliance money/securities review from the users who are using it right now.
    Are they really so bad?
    Reliance is one of the biggest business houses in the country and they are not expected to do so wrong. I have heard cases where reliance securities executives have executed traded in customer’s portfolio without informing them about it to generate brokerage for their branch.
    It could be a branch specific problem or company problem. Can someone confirm this if there is a general trend like this?
    This is the biggest flaw I can think of, because trading system looks fine, nothing geeky but yes, manageable.
    If brokerages are fine and system is ok, we only need reliability so that I can hold my stocks in that portfolio for longer term.
    If they are not reliable then it could be a problem.
    I am looking for share trading brokerage which is;
    1. Reliable so that I can hold my share for longer term like 5 years or even more.
    2. Good customer support
    3. All kind of investment and trading activities like equity investment, future and options trading, mutual fund investment
    4. Good brokerage specially option trading because most of the brokers charge higher for options

    So please help and provide your reliance security review. If you think some other broker is much better for these activities then please suggest.

    Also, please let me know your opinion about motilal oswal and sharekhan from FNO trading point of view.
  2. real_buzz Moderator

    Honestly, i haven't used reliance securities but i have also read negative reviews. But i think as you have a account, you can give them a try. Start with smaller trades and see how it behaves. If system is table and nobody is doing anything to your account, why the heck you need to bother about negative feedbacks.

    There are many customers and more than that, agents. Agents are the biggest problem for customers and companies, as well.

    Often they mis-sell products and then due to gap in expectations and actual performance, these grievances arise, so try it yourself and see.

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