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Retail & real estate - mutual survivor

Discussion in 'Real estate Investment' started by rahuldeshmukh, May 18, 2012.

  1. rahuldeshmukh Member

    The booming real estate sector in India is on the verge of attaining a high-growth story in the retail and commercial segments in India.

    Reports say that nearly 22 million sq ft of office space will come into existence in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Most current projects are multi-tower corporate parks of average 300,000sq.ft rentable area, being built in suburbs due to lack of space in the CBDs.

    The retail market is witnessing construction of huge malls as retail becomes more organised in the country. Nearly 30 million square feet of retail space will be available by 2007 in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.www.findghar.com

    This real estate and retail combination factors can help achieve near 14-15% annualized economic growth over the next five years.
  2. belldoress New Member

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  3. jackstfen New Member

    I visited your site and found that Your site was good but not perfect yet, you only need to mention cities where you are having some property deals in your hand. I searched for some city names where i want to buy properties but nothing was found.
  4. belldoress New Member

    Thank you for visiting on my given web link. I have to say, there are lots of options for you to search cities for making investments.
  5. bojemrythem Member

    Retail investor refers to an individual who buys and sells securities for his or her own account through a traditional or online brokerage firm. It is an individual investor possessing shares of a given security. Also its divided by two categories.
  6. marcssteve Member

    A retail investor is an individual who purchases securities for his own personal account rather than for an organization. It's typically trading in much smaller amounts than institutional investors such as mutual funds, pensions and many more.

  7. The liberalized Government policies and witful decisions have an important role to play in the growth of the retail and real estate markets in India. I'd like to share with you all an extract from a news published in the Financial Express.


    On the regulatory front, the two biggest boosts for market growth will be allowing retail FDI (Walmart, Carrefour and the like) and allowing REITs to operate in India.

    Other regulatory factors that can also potentially affect market growth include introduction of uniform property law and stamp duties, greater level of transparency in property ownership and transactions and revisions of archaic laws like Rent Control Act

  8. SD Groupkol Member

    Nice Share keep it up.

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