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Should You Buy NIIT Tech Stock?

Discussion in 'Equity Investment Discussions' started by real_buzz, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. real_buzz Moderator

    NIIT technology is trading at 238.95, there are many brokerage houses which are recommending investors to purchase it for long term. There are many stock experts who are recommending it as multibagger, but stock has been falling for last few days. It has fallen by more than 2 percent today.

    Should you buy NIIT Tech stocks at current levels.

    There are noises that stock may not perform well for next few quarters but there are many who believe that stock will perform better from here.

    So what do you think of NIIT tech stocks?
  2. sunil Member

    In short term, it is uncertain as markets are in downtrend but in medium to long term, NIIT tech stock will perform better and if you have got a term of 1 year or so, then at the moment, you can buy it or if you have already purchased it, then continue to hold.

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