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Where to Invest? Which Cities?

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by rahuldeshmukh, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. rahuldeshmukh Member

    Should you follow everyone and invest in the hot appreciating markets the media and everyone talks about? The media has a much different approach in that they look at hot markets speculatively as ones that will appreciate, our approach is much different. I previously wrote on the topic where to invest and identified many smaller cities, the Midwest and OH as areas that hit on all 4 of my criteria: Little chance of depreciation, lots of available deals, low competition, multiple exit strategies. Here I will identify specific cities that have an oversupply of opportunity for savvy investors.
    Probability of depreciation – If you haven't heard of PMI, Private Mortgage Insurance, let me introduce you. PMI provides insurance to lenders to protect them from buyers who default. PMI also applies leading research, analytics, and pricing principles to manage risk concentration, and release a monthly market review and quarterly Market Risk Index report. The PMI U.S. Market Risk Index score translates to a percentage that predicts the probability that house prices will be lower in two years. Based on this report many of the hot areas during the boom such as CA, Vegas, FL, etc have a High probability of lower home values in 2 years. However, many areas of OH, TX and the Midwest have Minimal risk rank.for more information go to www.findghar.com
  2. marcssteve Member

    I think it's depends on your budget because it plays some significant role to invest in the real estate sector. I generally prefer or interested to invest in the Canadian real estate sector.
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  3. real_buzz Moderator

    Marcssteve, What kind of returns you see in canadian real estate?
  4. luciferstek New Member

    I am totally agree with you and invest in the Canadian real estate is one of best and it gives a good return in the future because current Canadian Real estate sector is growing up day-by-day and it really helps for your business to invest in this.
  5. Dennis Young New Member

    I agree that is really depends on your budget but investing in a hot market is really favor to the investors because of the fact that he waits it.In Finland country there are many investors that waiting to the right time to invest in fact i seen in part of Helsinki when asuntomarkkinat or housing market is really hot many are really going to invest and when it is moderate investing is quite hard to find.
  6. candyflower Member

    Real estate is good source for investment. Many people invested in real estate for profit. In this post given all information is very informative and useful.
  7. abhi26july Member

    Real estate is still successful in metro cities like Delhi, Noida,Mumbai,Banglaur so there fore these cites are best for real estate investment and after that every thing depends on your budget
  8. The real estate business in really booming in Goa right now. Its a popular tourist destination, very beautiful place to live in.
  9. Surabhi Malhotra New Member


    Actually real estate market is boom now a days and in many cities. Still i suggest some cities where 100% ROI get from real estate projects. Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Gurgaon, Delhi, Gujarat, Nashik etc.

  10. HarleyLuise New Member

    A city perceived as a magnet for beautiful people will always buck national trends. The Spanish government is wooing overseas buyers, and stylish two-bedroom apartments in classic buildings are available for about £400,000. This could be the perfect time to invest in a buy-to-let property in a landmark European city.

    house to rent in london
  11. I previously wrote on the topic where to invest and identified many smaller cities, the Midwest and OH as areas that hit on all 4 of my criteria: Little chance of depreciation, lots of available deals, low competition, multiple exit strategies. Here I will identify specific cities that have an oversupply of opportunity for savvy investors.
  12. Mohit Gaur Member

    Hello everyone, if you are looking to buy or invest in property then inquire about Lotus Greens Upcoming Projects like- envirocity noida, Square residences, Woodview Residences.
  13. Mr Ved New Member

    Have your dream home in the town of gods that is Haridwar Greens. All this is possible because of one of the most renowned real estate developers, Hero Group. The serene and spiritual surrounding is the best thing about the location.
  14. aricaa Member

    It depends on many factors like budget,location,amenities,etc.Kolkata is one of the best and cheapest place for investment.There are many place like Garia,rajarhat,Newtown,etc for investment.
  15. Matthew Gayle New Member

    The real estate market is rising day by day. Developer inventories in metro cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Banglore are at the highs and it will think all for good investment opportunity.
  16. Daniel Sebastian New Member

    Due to good infrastructure and development, properties in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik are in high demand. Most of developers are coming with their excited projects which offers luxurious facilities to buyers. If anybody is interested in buying property in Nashik then visit website for more details.
  17. rahulgtm New Member

  18. Now a days Investing money in Plots and villas is become as usual,I prefer Always Green city Bangalore is best for investment and Read Estate.
  19. Rozitta Member

    Maitreya Greens by Maitreya Realtors in Pathardi, Nashik

    Maitreya Greens is one of the residential development of Maitreya Realtors, located in Nasik. It offers skillfully designed 2BHK, 2.5BHK and 3BHK apartments. The project is well equipped with all the amenities to facilitate the needs of the residents. Maitreya Greens with varied green and energy-efficient measures conserves energy and thus, reduces carbon footprint. With a robust infrastructure, evolving landscape, serene environs and ample career opportunities, Pathardi has emerged as the hub for a luxurious. Ultramodern lifestyle.

    Today, Pathardi is not just an idyllic annexure of Nashik, but a destination for those that desire lavish and world-class amenities. With a growing groundswell for Pathardi, the day would not be far when it would be rechristened as Upper Nashik.

    Greens, at Pathardi, offers a holistic lifestyle with mordern amenities. So, moveup in life, move to Upper Nashik.

    Project Status : Under Construction

    For more details - maitreyagreens.com
  20. SD Groupkol Member

    Kolkata,Delhi, Mumbai & pune.

    For more details about flats in ultadanga Visit SD Group.

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