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Why Real Estate Is Better?

Discussion in 'Real Estate Discussions' started by priteshsurve, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. priteshsurve Member

    Which Investment Strategy is the best? Real Estate, Of Course...

    Life in America gives all of us some real latitude in the types of investments we can make. The goals of any investment are similar:
    To manage risk by keeping it at an acceptable level
    Keep expenses as low as possible
    Rake in as much cash as you can in order to reach your financial objective.
    Sounds simple, doesn't it? In theory, it should be a snap.

    In practice, however, it's anything but easy or simple. Most people lose their shirts' and some lose much more. Here's a short list of four of the most common investments people make, along with some of the reasons they don't make nearly as much sense as Real Estate Investing.You can check latest property as per your budget and requirement in your region Go to the http://www.findghar.com first totally free real estate website of India and sell out or rent out your property today.
  2. marcssteve Member

    I think it has good return in the future and I know risk involved in this but it less than to compare other type of investment like stock investment, Mutual fund investment. This sector attract more and more people to invest in this.
  3. schell New Member

    Hallo guys...
    In my opinion Real estate is very profitable sector. And it has good return with good response in future life.
  4. kerlin7815 New Member

    Hallo Everyone...
    No Doubt. Real estate is a wonderful place for investment. If any invest their money in real estate, they get good return in future. It maybe a long term investment but it is very profitable sector...
  5. RobertGilbert New Member

    Real estate is the best sector for investing money for business with high amount profit gaining opportunities. It's the best for long term money investment option because it offers ways to get good ROI from investing property and make future good.
  6. stellabiber New Member

    Investment is best way to earn more income and know about market trend. In modern days, real estate industry booming all over the world rapidly. So invest money in real estate business is good option.
  7. logangibs New Member

    Investment is the best way for your future and you get the better growth your money in the real estate. thats why the real estate is better.
  8. Mark Pratt New Member

    I agree that real estate now a days is a good investment because of the fact that many of people now dream to have their own home with a good location in fact i have now my own dream home that i bought in http://www.asunnon-myynti.fi/ at Finland country.It is quite expensive but really look good specially the interior design of it.
  9. palace homes New Member

    Every investment on Business is based on better ROI, and real estate makes it better nowadays........
  10. khyatirealities New Member

    if you want to buy a house for personal use or for investment purpose, experts feel it is not advisable to wait for prices to correct. It will be better to make a long-term investment, if you want to invest in property. Khyati Group now aim at achieving unparalleled heights and be recognised as the one of the most admired and trusted developers and builders. Their are 6 Residential Property projects In Ahmedabad Krishna 99, Greenleaves, Greenera, Green Aura, Kadamb Residency and New one is Green Bonito.
  11. jessica john New Member

    I think it is a best idea to invest money in real estate.It is better to invest to buy villas .flats or apartments in metropolitan cities. As I am a keralite i prefer Cochin more because here property prices are shooting up sky high.So it will be an asset in future.We can resale or give in rent this in a best price.I own a villa last year constructed by dream flower builders.Their services are really appreciable. So I own a good villa with good facilities in a suitable place, Cochin. You can also find dreamflower like nice builders to find good apartments,flats and villas in cochin.
  12. BU Bhandari New Member

    Real estate is the easy sector for investment.
  13. Vinothkumar1 New Member

    Real estate is considered the next best investment option to Gold. This is because as long as the demand for property is high the value tends to rise. Even the worst recession did not see any drastic fall in the property prices. The real estate market has infact emerged stronger after the recession.
  14. candyflower Member

    Hello priteshsurve,
    Real estate is good source for investment. Many people invested in real estate for profit and better lifestyle. Real estate gives chance for earning money. Real estate is profitable for investors.
  15. pooja pattala New Member

    From my view the main reason i think that is it is better option for long term investment,we don;t get immediate profit form real estate but it makes the proverb comes true slow and steady win the race,so people are moving to invest in villas in cochin and apartments in cochin,first of all before investing real estate we should consider the economic growth of area
  16. aalisa ray New Member

    Real estate is the safest for investment, In last couple of years we are seeing many up and down here and that's why peoples are hesitating to invest in Real Estate. To avoid this, I like to invest in rental properties because there we have a fix income :)

    Bulington apartment rentals
  17. Jamie Madson New Member

    Investment in real estate is a good option as we all know real estate marketing is booming in India. It is one of the good option for the income from the long term point of view. For the income from short term, one can give their flat on rent.
  18. Janzeer New Member

    Real Estate is the best investment on business and earn more income very quickly.
  19. adanirealty New Member

    Real Estate investment will give you good ROI as compare to other investments. If any one is planing for property investment in Mumbai then Western Heights by Adani Realty is the best option.
  20. rahulgtm New Member

    Real estate is better because there is low risk and high profit.
  21. real_buzz Moderator

    I don't think you can consider real estate as low risk investment instrument, real estate is considerable high when it comes to risk because of so many issues, you never know if project will complete or not. And even if project will complete, you never know the time it may take. Usually people don't account for the interest they pay on home loans that's why they don't get the full picture. If a buyer pay full instalments for 18-20 years, then they end up paying 3 times of the property cost. In simple terms, a 50 lac property becomes 1.5 crore property when loan is paid for entire duration.

    But i agree with you that it could generate high profit if managed well.
  22. SD Groupkol Member

    Real Estate is a better for investment.

    For more details Flats in Laketown Visit SD Group.
  23. liyans Member

    On today's date real estate investment is the best investment.
    Flats in kolkata
  24. goldmine New Member

    Major Analysis?

    We start with major investigation since it is one of the most established and most fundamental types of contributing styles. Essentially utilized for exploring and breaking down values (singular stocks, as opposed to shared store choice), principal investigation is a type of a dynamic contributing technique that includes dissecting monetary explanations with the end goal of selecting quality stocks.

    Esteem Investing

    Shared store and ETF financial specialists can utilize the major venture procedure or style by utilizing esteem stock common assets. In basic terms, the esteem financial specialist is searching for stocks offering at a "markdown;" they need to discover a deal.

    Development Investing

    As the name suggests, development stocks normally perform best in the develop phases of a market cycle when the economy is developing at a solid rate. The development system reflects what enterprises, customers and financial specialists are all doing at the same time in solid economies- - picking up progressively higher desires of future development and spending more cash to do it.

    There are many residential project in noida, where you can invest . Noida and Greater Noida in India are two places , where investment always get great return, but for this you have to find property dealer in noida. Who gonna help you in investment.
  25. Ranu Member

    From the social capital of Maharashtra to vehicle and assembling center point to Information Technology to instruction center a few designations characterize Pune. With the juncture of development drivers and always enhancing foundation, the city is seeing a few patterns in the property advertise.Because if these advertisement number of Flats in Pune ,Mumbai is also showing growth rate in graph.
    Expanded Leasing Activity
    Pune has outperformed the greater part of alternate markets in the course of the last a few years, gathering sound rates of profitability. Curiously, while the private portion has been developing reliably, business fragment too has seen sound development. According to the most recent market reports, renting movement altogether expanded in the initial two fourth of 2016 in the fringe business area of Hinjewadi, Hadapsar, Talawad, and Kharadi.
    Great ROI
    According to the most recent market reports, Pune keep on remaining the best performing private market among the real metros with insignificant quarter to offer (QTS) unsold stock. That is not all! Pune has additionally recorded average year-on-year thankfulness in both capital and rental qualities. Sensible property estimations can be ascribed as one of the significant purposes behind this.
    Property Options Galore
    With the RERA set up, engineers in Pune are presently attempting to concentrate on finishing their as of now propelled extends as opposed to propelling new ones. In this manner, there will a great deal of prepared to-move-in stock in the following couple of months. Since larger part engineers are attempting to clear their current stock, this is an awesome time for fence-sitters to take a dive and consult to get best arrangements on property available to be purchased in Pune.Thus, there will a lot of ready-to-move-in inventory in the next few months. Since majority developers are trying to clear their existing stock, this is a great time for fence-sitters to take a plunge and negotiate to get best deals on property for sale in Pune.
    At present, Pune appears to have an equivalent blend of under-development and prepared

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